When Day Begins

When the sun rises above the trees,
And trickles in, through the leaves,
For most, that’s when,
The day begins...

But my day can never truly start, until I see,
A face of such blissful beauty, oh precious is she.

A sprit so kind so warm and loving,
Yet she is a bit sad,
But the darkest room shines bright, when she smiles, when she’s glad…

Glad to be alive
Glad to know that I am here, I hope,
Good days, Great days, no need for rope.

Hold my hand, and know,
That I will never let go...

My shoulder is yours for the crying,
My sole is yours for the keeping,
My heart is yours for the loving,
It’s ok for you to be weeping.

I will never judge,
I will never laugh,
You can feel safe within my grasp.

So young in body,
So old in mind,
You grew up to fast,
Make the hours last,
Will do it right this time.

My day won’t start until I see,
Thee o’ so wonderful,
© 2010 Nick D. Clements