"Dexter" -Serial-

I beg of you please
listen to me,
don't close your eyes

Cause if you do I'm sure
I'll be running for the door,
as I lose my disguise

And should you reopen your eyes -- to soon
you will surly see,
the monster, inside of me.

The monster inside me,
the thing that I must be,
set my demons free

The evil that I do,
when I am not with you

I never wanted you to find,
this darkness that I keep inside

I never wanted you to know,
the dark place I go when I'm not home

Your transfixed gaze,
is all that keeps it at bay
Please don’t close your eyes
don’t let out what I keep inside

Don't let it see you,
don't let it near you,
cause it won't fear you,
it won't hear you

The cries you scream,
the screams you shout,
I beg of you don’t let it out


it will destroy all that i love
i have been abandoned, there is nothing above
there is no one watching, i am not seen
only by those as they scream their last scream

close your eyes
i'll run for the door
i won't let it hurt anyone anymore

and hurt you, i won't give it that chance,
i'm through with the songs, this is my last dance.
and with a final slow-motion glance
i plunge, deep, a lance

know you fell for me,
not the passenger that i keep
locked away deep inside
but we are one and the same, that i can't deny
© 2010 Nick D. Clements