When You're Older Son

When you are older son you’ll know why,
We’ve told you so many lies,
About the world and the way things are,
About the dangers from a far.

But for now, son, be free.
Live your life without ternary.

When you are older son you’ll know why,
The reindeer really don’t fly,

Santa clause, and the bunny too,
Are just a clever ruse...

To keep, your mind open,
And protect you from sin.

When you are older son you’ll know why,
We’d never let you see us cry,
Why it was so hard for us to say,
Good bye to you on your first day...

Of school, son, have fun.
Make friends with everyone.

Son I know it’s hard for you to understand,
You want to know the truth you want to be a man.
Well there’s no reason to rush,
Don’t let your innocence pass you by.
Growing order's only full of things that will make you cry.

Because there’s no defining moment,
There’s no golden key,
It’s just the day you realize that you’re not who you use to be.

So go right on living just as you are,
Keep on believing you can reach the stars.
© 2010 Nick D. Clements