Why Did You Go? (original composition)

Why did you go
Why did you leave
I’ll see you soon
In my sleep
I can’t comprehend
The reasons for this end
I miss you so
Why did you go
Why did you go-----

It’s just not right
For us to fight
It’s just not fair
That your not here
I wish you were by my side
I wish you wouldn’t hide
I remember the days
When I would say
I love you
And you’d say it to
Holding you in my arms
Keeping each other warm
Sitting in your car
Looking at the stars
Talking of days to come
Just being in love
Looking into your eyes
Seeing our lives
I never thought you’d go-----

Then one Saturday night
You began to cry
I said it ok
You said not today
You walked on home
Crying your alone
Thing were then so strange,
You just weren’t the same
Then you gave me the news
That I could no longer be with you
Nick you said I love you so
But for reasons that I don’t really know
I must go------

Lying in my bed
You in my head
What did I do
To deserve this pain
What did I do
To deserve such shame
What did I do
To deserve loosing you

Why did you go----
© 2008 Nick D. Clements