I Miss Your Good Morning

i miss your good morning in the morning
i miss your good night at night (both sing)
so i just lie in bed morning
the loss of the one thing that i knew was right
so how could we have failed

verse 1
w. this wasn't what i wanted you knew that from the start
m. i'm sorry if i misstook the beating of your heart
w. i told only hurt you, we'd on'y fall apart
m. it was to late for me id been struck with loves dart
w. i asked you to be carful but you ignored my plea
m. i'm sorry that i couldn't just let this be
m. so i am all to blame

verse 2
m. i knew that this wasn't what you had in mind
m. i just hoped that that would change in time
m. with everything that happened with everything you said
w. it wasn't what you thought, you simply missread
w. now what i felt for you is dead

verse 4
w. you'll find somone else, i'm not your only one
w. i only wanted friendship, i only wanted fun
w. thats all i have to give, i know you wanted more
m. i thought i had the key to your hearts door
m. but i fear i locked it more.

verse 5
m. you are the best thing thats ever happened to me
m. but when i'm not with you it's pain and misery
m. with me it's all or nothing, and i wish that wasn't so
w. if thats how you feel, then i will go
w. i'm sorry my heart said no

(same, higher pitch, last line new)
so this is how we failed

verse 6
m. (3 sets of 2 words basically)

what happened we will never really know
as this is where your words should go,
but your words you never wrote,
perhaps you didn't even read my note,
not that i thougth you would,
not that you even should.
we both know woh to blame,
that a line i already sang,
my love for you will never die,
but for yours i can no longer try,
so for you i shall no longer cry,
as you've moved on and so must i...
you've moved on and so must i...

bridge (the female part overlaps)
m. and it's ok
  f. -it's not ok
m. the sun will shine another day
  f. -the sun shall never shine
m. i am new
  f. -you are just you
m. because of you
  f. -because of you

m. you changed my life
  f. -i did not change a thing
m. you turned my sky from black to white
  f. -i am not a light
m. you were what i believed
  f. -i am nothing to believe
m. could never be more than just a dream
  f. -but you have not seen who i am

m. did we say good morning in the morning?
m. did we say good night at night?
m. was any of it real?
m. was any of it right?
© 2010 Nick D. Clements