If You Walk Away From Me

Hey you.
Would you like to.
Get a cup of coffee?
Or maybe some toffee?

The look on your face says no.
The words from your lips say no.
Well o-k.

But if you walk away from me,
then I'll just walk away from you.
Because I know that if I do
we'll eventually meet.

The world is round you see,
so I know again you'll be,
standing right in front of me,
when eventually meet.

Half way around the world,
I be reunited with you girl.
Unless of course you just went home,
than I be all alone.

I guess it would be pretty silly,
to think you would walk straight through chilly.
And in the Arctic it would be chilly,
because that's where we'd meet.

Standing here in my Eskimo suit,
wearing my Eskimo boots.
You are nowhere in site,
and neither is the night.

Daylight all the time,
I think that I'm losing my mind.
Hey there is that you?
It's just a caribou.

It was just a caribou.
© 2010 Nick D. Clements